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Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Apple iPod Rant

So no one can accuse me of just being an Apple hater I have posted a picture of the 2 iPod classics I own - why do I own 2? cause I have shitloads of music.
I don't give much of a shit about the physical design of these things - they look like little rectangle pods and there's not much more you can say about that.

being into electronics and also having owned a lot of these things - I have taken these apart, made frankenstein iPods from bits of lots of broken ones and so on, electronically I do love the circuitry involved in them and the engineers who designed them are obviously extremely talented.
With that said certain things really annoy the hell out of me and it's more to do with the operating system on these devices - first of all there was a really idiotic decision to limit the output volume in retaliation to lawsuits filed by morons who didn't realize that if you listen to sound too loud it could damage your hearing.DICKHEAD

"so why is this a problem then?" I hear you ask, "surely you don't want to damage your hearing" no, I don't but there are quite a few genres that play music very quietly - I'm a big fan of sigur ros for example and when the sound of a car in the distance completely drowns out the entirety of the music you are listening to then what is the use of even having an iPod in the first place?

I don't get why putting a disclaimer on the box saying something to the tune of "if you listen to loud music for  too long you will damage your hearing and you are also a moron - we are not liable" isn't enough, it's enough for smoking and everything else.

This is precisely why I hate people who file lawsuits, they don't realize that their short term ambition to extract money for nothing because they were injured by their own idiocy will be paid in some form by someone and in this case the people footing the bill is people like me who now have had the option of being able to hear what we are listening to taken away from us.

so I know that the limit wasn't initially Apples fault but they backed down to prevent further law suits, they put in that limit which makes me think that Steve Jobs' vision of not having sniveling lawyer types running his company has been betrayed.
my second issue is the equalizer on the iPod, this is basically a list of selectable presets with no user definable option which is just bullshit, I would guess that not bothering with the presets and just having the ability to make your own presets and save them would have taken a lot less time to code than the current method.

the nearest preset that makes the sound how I want is the "bass booster" preset and that is by no means anywhere near what I want, it distorts the low end too much which just suggests that the people coding these presets didn't take into account that music is mastered at different levels. If there was a user definable EQ I could compensate for this oversight, you know - like every single other digital music player has - even a lot of the old analogue portable music players had this feature, only one hung low shit things had presets minus the user definable EQ.

I think my main gripe concluded is that I want to at least have the illusion of control in what I do, I want to be able to turn my music up so I can hear it and I want to be able to change the EQ abit.

Apple are the ones most guilty of trying to make everything completely idiot proof and I really don't think we should allow anyone to do that because there are too many idiots on this planet. I just don't think they should be rewarded by being given things that were technologically more advanced than a space shuttle that even they can figure out how to use by engaging just 2 brain cells.

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