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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

The "In The Lab" Part

I always like seeing peoples workspaces so I thought I would post a picture of mine.I'm always on the lookout for interesting electronic equipment, most of which is elsewhere - the things you can see are the things I use most.

The Shed (a rant)
I also took a picture of the junk shed - this is where everything that doesn't work, that people have given me goes until I need a part from said item. the reason there is a polite sign to potential thieving bastards on my shed is because a few years ago some twat broke in about 3 times because the allure of electronic stuff he/they could sell for drugs was too tempting, I actually ended up constructing a nail board, it was a flat plank of wooden flooring with about 50 3" nails sticking up out of it, my reasoning being that everytime my shed was broken into it was dark and I would gain at least a little payback for the inconvenience of reattaching my goddam shed door everytime they came back, my plan worked, the next time they broke into my shed there was a very loud scream, needless to say nothing was stolen and they never returned after that.
people kept saying that I would get into trouble if I left my little bed of nails and someone stood on it but I maintain, I have the right to keep anything within the law inside my shed (nails are not illegal and nor is flooring)  and if someone happens to go into that locked shed there may happen to be a bed of nails that I keep on the floor inside my locked shed, either way no police came around to arrest me - they didn't come around when I reported for the 4th time some bastard was breaking into my property either.

my shit attempt at mixing 3 pictures together to get the whole thing in shot

Hameg dual function generator and ATTEN scope

lots and lots of cool circuit boards in these boxes
the sign reads: dear no-user robbing bastards, all items in this shed are broken and not worth anything - FUCK OFF

the rusty nail is rusty cause the guys blood made it go rusty.

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  1. "I'm always on the lookout in case I see another person's workspace that looks and is better equipped than my own. I then feel ill, Go break things in my shed, Further dwell on it, See the red mist and am hell bent on bettering it. When I have done so only then can I rest"
    - Paul (I had to navigate past a damned capatcha or whatever those double dutch generators are called to post this for the fucking sake of fuck!)