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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

I verify the layouts before I post them.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Green Wizard Guitar Overdrive Distortion Stripboard Layout

I've been working on this for quite some time. I've always wanted to design my own distortion pedal and finally I have.
I used 2 main parts for this - one is a TL081 general purpose J-FET op-amp and the other is a more special LT1037 op-amp - I chose this for the high-end clarity and low end solidness... haha not really (I don't believe that crap) no, I chose this because it is a very fast and low noise op-amp. it also has input current limiting diodes which affect the type of distortion this pedal gives you. it is also quite low power (in the order of about 2.5 mA)

I did a quick video demonstrating how it sounds which I will attach below.

the name comes from my favourite cartoon growing up - "the flight of dragons"  hopefully I will make 3 more of my own stompboxes for the other 3 wizards in that film.

NB - I put germanium diodes in this and it improved it drastically 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ellas Stylophone Stripboard Layout

I have a 2 year old niece called Ella and I wanted to make her something - so I thought I would make her a Stylophone.

NB: there were a couple of errors due to me somehow pressing the "up" button in "DIY layout editor" after I had built this but before I had rendered the image. these errors have been corrected

the original error was; the "tuning board" was listed as being connect to pin8 of IC2 - however it should be connected to pin 7 of IC2
I also missed out "R4" in the schematic (cause I drew the schematic after building it)

Me and Ella

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Hifi OPA2134 General Purpose Preamp Stripboard Veroboard Layout

in my last post I made a RIAA preamp for my turntable and I decided I wanted to make a general purpose hifi preamp for iPods, PCs, and whatever else you need to plug into your HiFi

so here it is - based on the OPA2134 opamp (again)

although I haven't tried it for this, I'm sure it'll work well as a instrument preamp too