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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Brian May Treble Booster Stripboard Veroboard Layout

This is one I built years ago - lost - then decided to build again cause I loved it.
this is supposedly the treble booster Brian Mays dad built for Brian when his original Rangemaster got stolen.

also - here is an amazing cover of the song "Save Me" by queen by band Hogwash


  1. I built this recently, substituting a 10kA pot for the fixed 10k resistor, similar to the GGG Brian May Boost or a Rangemaster. I used a NOS BC182L as in the original Brian May schematics. It worked OK but distorted a lot when the guitar volume was up all the way, and not in a good way. The hfe of the BC182L was around 160, which seemed reasonable, but I experimented with higher and lower gain parts. I finally settled on a 2N2369 with hfe around 55. Sounds great now, with a bit of grit when the guitar is up all the way. Good grit. The slope of the roll-off doesn't seem as steep as other treble boosters, so it doesn't sound as thin.

    1. that 10K resistor is a bias resistor - you may damage the transistor putting a pot there.
      usually the pots would go after C7 shown in this diagram http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lyoZcePjL4o/Uiz3hlZxwCI/AAAAAAAAAsw/x5fvC25Rt6A/s1600/Pot+Wiring.jpg
      but it's cool you're actually experimenting with things !
      this particular project was one of the very first things I made for personal use back in the 90's because I was (and still am) a massive Queen fan as I'm sure you are if you're building Brian May pedals!

  2. I'll be building this badlad tonight but I don't have any BC182's. I've ordered some but in the meantime, as I socket all my trannies (make your own jokes), could I use a BC239 as in the Greg Fryer TB?

    1. yeah it will work, just make sure you get the pinouts right - they are probably different.

  3. hi everyone :D
    I've built my own pedal following the schematic by Paul (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARE THIS PEDAL :D), I have just a question, Can someone help me for the wiring??? Pics are welcome :D Thank you so much guys