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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

LM1036 Hifi Preamp And Tone Control Stripboard

I've done a few stripboard layouts for hifi low wattage power amps on this site including the most recent 2 watt one;

or this 110mW one;

Or even this 6 Watt beast from 2012;

So I thought it was about time a did a sort of stereo HiFi front end for these power amps and I remembered that I had some LM1036 ICs which are a really cool all-in-one basic EQ/Balance/preamp and Volume control

All the pots are 47K Linear
The voltage range is between 9 - 16volts
the official Datasheet can be found HERE

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  1. Hey paul, love your site! I'm new to electronics but one of the first things I have learned is how difficult it can be to construct even a mildly complicated circuit without a dedicated pcb. So your site and veroboard have been wonderful discoveries.

    So I've built the LM1036 circuit here but need a bit of help troubleshooting. It all looks good, retraced the circuit paths pin-to-component several times, solid soldering joints, appropriate components: But I flip the switch and volume up and nothing. Not even a crackle. I'm thinking I may have either the headphone jacks or the pots wired wrong so i went back to the data sheets last night and plan to recheck hopefully today.

    Question: in your description you write for "all lug 3s" to connect to pin 17. On my pot (to the best of my understanding of the damn schematic) looking at the knob lug 1 is the pot at full CCW lug 3 is full CW and 2 is the sweeper. So that would mean 1 is signal in, 2 is signal out and 3 is Gnd correct? Other than that and checking the phone jacks I'm starting to be at a loss.

    Anyhow, thanks in advance for any/all advice!


    1. Ok, after being more thorough in learning exactly how a pot works along with reviewing the 1036 datasheet (wonderful things datasheets) I now see my connections need to be adjusted. New operational understanding : lug 1 is the reference voltage or zener voltage from pin 17, 2 is the sweeper and output signal to the various inputs on the IC, & 3 is good ole ground. Let's see if this gets me some results.

    2. No dice. Still no audio of any kind from the headphones so I'm at a loss for now. Maybe I fried the IC by powering it up while wired improperly? Not sure