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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Guitar Lead Muting Studio Aid

I've had this little box stuck to the side of my bench for quite a while to plug various leads into while they are out of use but still plugged into amplifiers/fx or other studio stuff to basically stop the equipment buzzing at me. My friend said it might be useful for other people so I'm sharing it here.

What is it?
a little box which is essentially a jack plug socket with a 47ohm resistor across it.

Its uses:
a lot of my guitars have active pickups so you can't just leave the lead plugged into them and leaving the lead on the floor buzzing away while you're messing with with a song is a big annoyance

I also have a few different FX chains that need to be isolated from each other so this comes in handy then as well.

The little box is at arms reach so I can just grab the lead easily and not have to twist my back reaching for the bugger.

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