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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Remote Control (IR) Tester Stripboard Veroboard Layout

this was a real quick design which consisted of basically powering a IR Sensor that I removed from an old DVD player - sending the output to a PNP transistor. initially just to make a LED light up but then I thought making a sound would be better so you could just point and click so I'm sure just by looking at the diagram you can work out what's going on.

but a "flowchart" of the circuit is
the sensor senses and outputs through a transistor base
the activated base allows the emitter to pass current to the collector
this powers the LED and 555 timer circuit which is just configured as a basic astable multivibrator

it kind of sounds a bit like a quiet pneumatic drill - this sound is the 555 timer being activated by the remote controls data transfer which is in packets (packet data) - I said the word packet 3 times and now it sounds weird in my head.

anyway if your remote is working you'll hear this sound, if it is not working and you have changed the remote controls batteries, the remote is broken. besides the obvious problems that can effect a remote control like murky battery contacts, moisture (it's better off not knowing what and why that moisture is there), dust and so on then a common issue is that the transmitter LED has failed which is easy enough to replace.

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