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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Article on "the next decade" from 1975, from the magazine Practical Electronics

I found some old electronics magazines in my Great Uncles loft after he died which I kept, whilst reading through them I came across this fantastic article about the next decades advance in electronics written by readers so I just had to scan it - open in new tab/window to view it properly


  1. That's pretty awesome to see. Maybe not all by 1985 but surprisingly accurate in many cases. It almost reads like a fake retro article! I wonder if such predictions made this year, by the general hobbyist, for the next ten years would be as close on many points.

  2. I'm not sure, sadly I think today many people would be too afraid to put any kind of prediction on record for fear of ridicule and the ones that do would be accused of trolling. however you do often get editor predictions in magazines like Practical Electronics - but it's always boring stuff like "everything will be on the internet"