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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Nintendetar Add-On Oscillator Veroboard Stripboard

one of the first things I made in order to sell was the Nintendetar guitar effect, this basically reshapes an input signal as PWM - it has proven reasonably successful though not successful enough to sell out of them!
anyway I have always been meaning to design a little add-on for it to make it more animated and finally I have done. Rather than redo the whole board and annoy everyone who bought the original I thought I would make a little stripboard add on daughter board so anyone that already has one can just add the board to their existing nintendetar effect.Here is a little song I did with the nintendetar to just show what it was good for Nintendetar Full song

the tricky part was getting rid of oscillator "ticks" which I managed with the aid of my resistor sub box (build one!) and getting the right rate range which turns out to be best between 0.3Hz and 4Hz ish - this particular oscillator is a Triangle one however you can also get some cool effects inputting different signals - a fast 10 - 20Hz squarewave for example give you a good stutter type effect


  1. Hey Paul, DuctTape Dave here from BYOC. So lets say I wanted to make this a switch-able mod, (keep in mind I don't have the build doc yet as my boards are still in transit) where I would keep the 470 pot, and use either a 3pdt toggle or 4pdt toggle (cant quite figure it out from the pics) to just re-rout things from the pot to the oscillator board? Ohhh, or it would probably be cooler on a foot switch if it works with 3 poles (which is should right, my brain is totally fried from work right now)

    I am also wondering if you would be wildly offended if I took your Vero layout and squished it up a bit to save some space??

  2. of course I wouldn't be offended. I laid it out that way so all the wires come off one side but I included the schematic so people can do their own on their choice of board/layout etc.

    as for the switch question - the first half of the depth range is the normal control range of the original then the oscillator is the second half basically to avoid using switches however if you want a switch in there, yes it's possible with a SPDT switch as all the oscillator is really doing is sending out a control voltage that the 470K pot controlled so switching between the 2 should be fine.

    if you do a layout for it be sure to post it to me and I'll upload it on here (with your name on it) it's always nice to have options!

  3. hi paul,
    thanks for the board, it arrived today...gonna build this osc and add it as soon as i can nab the proper chip...will any dual oa work, or does it need to be the one specified?
    thanks again brother..

  4. most Dual ops should work - I chose the LM358 cause it is the cheapest and I have loads of them

  5. hey paul,
    both boards are populated, getting ready to hook 'em up. can't box it til i get some footswitches in,
    should be soon...will post a video ASAP...thanks for the support, mate!
    and sorry i'm taking so long, i've gotta damned univox superfuzz clone that's been really breaking my balls.

  6. tis built, working great, too... nice job, paul...
    reminiscent of the escobedo PWM, but THIS thing WORKS.
    the oscillator is hip!
    could that be added to just about any circuit? i'd love to have it sweep the tone control
    on this horrible piece of shit digitech metal master i picked up for 20 bux..
    the "warp" control sounds like a formant filter if you sweep it, this would sound great on that!
    anyways, thanks mate, look for a "stupid pedal tricks" episode featuring *YOU* soon!
    peace bro

  7. comparing my nintendetar to the circuit Tim ripped out of an old synth service manual is like comparing a DOD 250+ to a tubescreamer.
    sure they distort the signal but they sound nothing alike!! so quit bringing up his name with my pedal!

    this can control anything that uses voltage to control it

  8. Where exactly to the "to board" and depth 2 connect to the original?

    1. I have the same question... sorry. I´m learning..

  9. This looks super cool. Is it only compatible with the pcb or could you also add it to the veroboard build? And if so: How. I'm sorry but it's not directly clear to me from the instructions

    1. That was what I was trying to figure out too. I can't figure out from the pictures how to attach it to the vero.

    2. Some clarification would be great!

  10. Loving the sound of this effect! And really want to include the wonderful little oscillator. Paul could you please explain how to wire this using the vero board Nintendetar version as am really finding your sketch vague to follow like others here. Many thanks!