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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

I verify the layouts before I post them.

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ellas Stylophone Stripboard Layout

I have a 2 year old niece called Ella and I wanted to make her something - so I thought I would make her a Stylophone.

NB: there were a couple of errors due to me somehow pressing the "up" button in "DIY layout editor" after I had built this but before I had rendered the image. these errors have been corrected

the original error was; the "tuning board" was listed as being connect to pin8 of IC2 - however it should be connected to pin 7 of IC2
I also missed out "R4" in the schematic (cause I drew the schematic after building it)

Me and Ella


  1. Paul, this a a very cool project! Looking at the pictorial diagram, it appears that the tuning board is connected to pin 8 of IC2, but on the schematic diagram the tuning board is connected to pin 7 of IC2. Also I can't find R4 on the schematic. Please clarify. Thanks!

    1. thanks for pointing that out - I did the schematic after I did the stripboard layout
      and I also must have nudged the up button before I rendered the stripboard image
      what I usually do - is do the stripboard, build it and then render it if it works so I must have nudged it
      needless to say Ella has been playing hers for a few days (and loves it)

  2. hello Paul! i read your blog for months now and you are fantastic. i'm building guitar effects, and as time passes, i "need" to build more and more different things...like this one!i think it's a very fun build!
    i just a few questions.
    you have 7 "keys" which are the seven notes if i'm right yes?
    how do you tune those notes?
    you tune them by those trimmers right?
    and one more. how can i add the "black keys"too?
    just add some more keys?
    you are great man!

    1. yeah - the trimmers tune each key and to add more keys just add more trimmers
      just make sure you wire them in order because I didn't and it took me ages to tune the dam thing.

      I'm glad you're branching out - many people just stick to the guitar effects which is fine but it's not the best
      way to learn things. when you build more and more things you start recognise how things work then you can
      design your own things!

  3. thanks Paul!
    i'm too far from designing my own things but i hope some day i will!!!
    what did you use for keys? just pieces of copper?
    cause i thought i could take one big piece of copper, (the one for pcb drawing), and just draw the piano keys on it.
    thanks again man

  4. hello man! this is for you!
    thanks a lot!


  5. Hey Paul. Great job here. I need this this thing. I play in a band in which we are 2 guitar players and sometimes we need some kind of (lo-fi) bassy drone to play over it. In needs to play real notes so I think that if I can tune this thing in quite low frequencies it'll be what I need.
    Is the "speaker out" of this synth able to be connected to a mixer instead of a speaker? Is there a way to add some "line output"? Is the "speaker out" of this synth able to be connected to a mixer instead of a speaker?
    Thanks a lot

    1. aye - it can go into a mixer or whatever really