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Friday, 3 January 2014

PCB Silkscreen Designators

this isn't a stripboard post for a change (though one is coming soon). however it is useful to know what I'm about to write if you salvage parts or want to fix electronic items.

on PCBs (and other electrical installations) you will often be confronted with silkscreen designators like shown below (the white writing on the board)

here is a list of what each abbreviation stands for.

A - Separable assembly or sub-assembly (e.g. printed circuit assembly)
AE: Aerial, antenna
AT - Attenuator or isolator
BR - Bridge rectifier
BT - Battery
C - Capacitor
CR: Diode (see D)
CRT: Cathode ray tube
CN - Capacitor network
D - Diode (including Zeners, thyristors and LEDs)
DL - Delay line
DS - Display
DSP: Digital signal processor
F - Fuse
FB or FEB - Ferrite bead
FD - Fiducial
FL - Filter
G - Generator or Oscillator
GN - General Network
GDT: Gas discharge tube
H - Hardware
HIC - Hybrid Integrated Circuit
HY - Circulator or Directional coupler
IC: Integrated circuit (see U for link)
J - Jack (least-movable connector of a connector pair) | Jack connector (connector may have "male" pin contacts and/or "female" socket contacts)
JP - Link (Jumper)
K - Relay or contactor
L - Inductor or coil or ferrite bead
LA: Lightning arrester
LS - Loudspeaker or buzzer
LCD: Liquid crystal display
LDR: Light-dependent resistor
LED: Light-emitting diode
M - Motor
MCB: Miniature circuit breaker
MK - Microphone
Mic: Microphone
MOV: Metal oxide varistor (See RV for Link)
MP - Mechanical part (including screws and fasteners)
Ne: Neon lamp
P - Plug (most-movable connector of a connector pair) | Plug connector (connector may have "male" pin contacts and/or "female" socket contacts)
PS - Power supply
PLC: Programmable logic controller
PZ - Piezo Buzzer
Q - Transistor (all types)
      FET: Field-effect transistor
      JFET: Junction gate field-effect transistor
      MOSFET: Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor
      BJT - Bipolar Junction Transistor NPN PNP HBT

R - Resistor
RL - Relay
RN - Resistor network
RT - Thermistor
RV - Varistor
S - Switch (all types, including push-buttons)
SCR - Thyristor
T - Transformer
TC - Thermocouple
TH - Thermistor
 - types of thermistors are..
   PTC - Positive temperature coefficient - the resistance rises with increased heat
   NTC - Negative temperature coefficient - the resistance decreases with increased heat

TUN - Tuner
TP - Test point
U - Inseparable assembly (e.g., integrated circuit)
V - Vacuum tube - Or VALVE!
VR - Variable resistor (potentiometer or rheostat)
X - Crystal
Y - Crystal or oscillator
Z (or ZD) - Zener diode
IEC Mains connectors (image from unknown - if you know let me know so I can cite)

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