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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Floating Power Supply For DVM Panel Meters Stripboard Veroboard Layout

this was another one done out of necessity really.
I needed to power a panel meter from the same supply as I was measuring.
I actually didn't have the meter to test it with however it powered a cheap Digital Multimeter which I imagine takes up more current than a panel meter.
I also tried to make it small enough to be glued onto the back of the panel meter. 


  1. Floating Power Supply For DVM Panel Meters Stripboard Veroboard Layout is really sound wonderful and this kind of stripboard are really very nice and handy to use. So thanks dude :)

  2. A similar circuit for 9v Floating supply is given at the link http://www.diyelectronicsprojects.com/2013/04/floating-9v-supply-for-dvm-modules.html, however in this circuit the author has used LMC 555. In the project description they have specifically mentioned not to use NE555 IC , but your circuit above uses LM555, is this OK? I want to build the circuit for my car voltmeter, request you to confirm should I use NE/LM555 OR LMC555 (CMOS version of 555)

  3. I have built this using the NE555 and it works fine. I have panel meters all over my amateur radio shack and keeping grounds separated from certain equipment is important. Nice circuit. Builders should of course be aware of the cut tracks under the BAT85 diodes. This is not always obvious in the image of the verobaord.

  4. Can I replace BAT85 diodes with 1N4148? I am not getting BAT85 at my place. My DVM shows current rating as 5 mA, will this circuit work for my DVM.