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Friday, 25 January 2013

9v Fast(ish) Battery Charger Stripboard Veroboard Layout

most of the chargers I own don't work fast enough - they take in the order of 14 hours so I thought "why not make one" since I have about 30 things with chargeable 9 volt batteries in them it would be nice to make a few of these. Anyway I wanted to make one that automatically cut off but it got a bit messy so I figured I would just drop the amount of current going into the battery so I could just leave it going for a few hours.

to work out charge time: hours = mAh / mA
example case: a 9v battery I have is rated at 150mAh
150 \ 50 = 3
therefore 3 hours

the LED illuminates when the battery is connected

the Transistor (BD135) needs to be heatsinked but the LM317 doesn't so if you're using a metal case you could just screw the transistor to the case and use that as the heatsink


  1. Beautiful - just what I need. Thanks!


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  2. will it work with non rechargeable batterys ?

  3. most of the chargers I own don't work fast enough -batteroo inc

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