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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

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Friday, 9 November 2012

8 Bit Guitar Fuzz II Effect Stripboard Veroboard Layout

I wanted to make a kind of brutal fuzz pedal for a song I'm working on that needs a really nasty sounding lead bit so I designed this little beast - it was a very very quick circuit so I didn't add any pots or anything to it however I think you will like it (if you like this kind of thing of course)
it also sounds a little bit like the type of Fuzz the Smashing Pumpkins used in siamese dream 

I hope you will add some mods to this - if you do please let me know!
I'm calling it the Quadraspazz Fuzz

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  1. I thought you were joking when you asked me to repeat that and I said 'QuadraSpazz' haha. Obviously not dudely. I am going to put this before or after the modded Vibrato pedal set slow then without NS-2 we slam the Bugera's front-end with them and shove some microphones infront of it for some mangled drones/slowly pitch modulating feedbackage kaveman style

  2. aye well I thought this sounded like a quadraspazz when I heard it for the first time

  3. I typed a big comment here and the internet ate it. However, I love this thing so I will try again...

    I breadboarded this a few weeks ago, and I've played with it a lot. This is a seriously great circuit. Square wave insanity. Gated fuzz madness. Thick, full and mean. Release gets gloriously choked out. Sounds awesome on guitar, bass and baritone. Every time I have tried a new idea I put it up against this one and realize how awesome this thing is.

    I've tried adding a double-buffered dry/wet blend, but it's better without. Tone and volume controls are also unneeded, it's well balanced as-is. I prefer it with 4001s, and added an extra 4148 to ground on the inside of the output coupling cap for some subtle asymmetry. But these are very minor changes- somehow they make it feel more SID-like to me, but it's probably all in my head.

    This thing stands up to my army of fuzz and dirt boxes as one of the best. I am going to have to box one up soon, it will definitely have a home on the pedal board. Thank you!

  4. i BULID this on prefboard. but dont work check everything is good only work for a second when i turn the potentiometer a little, then i can hear a sound for 1 - 2 seconds i dont know what to do help ? I see in the schematics there is VR 1 ( 50K POT ) BUT I DONT SEE IT ON THE PICTURES OF YOUR EFFECT ? why you remove it,