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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sound Activated Dancing LEDs Stripboard Veroboard Layout ( for the holiday seasons )

With all the various holidays coming up I thought I would do a nice decorative project. This makes LEDs light up with any kind of sound - it might make a cool halloween effect that makes LEDs flicker as people walk past your house or you could have it on your TV or something at christmas or of course anything else you could think of (if you have any ideas let me know)

as usual it is built and tested - it works beautifully and is quite sensitve however if you want to control the sensitivity change R4 to something like a 2K potentiometer or trim pot and adjust to suit.

for the microphone I used one I salvaged from and old phone similar to ( Mouser number 665-POM5238PR ) but I'm sure any kind of microphone will work.


  1. Hello, not much about electronics. But it would be possible to make an audio converter cv out, based on this. For example, a Casio keyboard that can generate cv out for a monotron or an atari punk.

    Sorry for English, I'm using google translator.
    Greetings, thanks.
    Miguel, Spain, Madrid

    1. no, it isn't that type of circuit it's a logic circuit.
      it basically changes the AC signal from the audio into pulses that can be used as a rudimentary clock for the 4017 ICs

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  3. Hey Paul! This is great

    I build vero effects for sale, but this project caught my eye. I want to make it for someone special, and i wanted to ask

    basically the whole ground strip has the 20 legs of cathode(-) coming from each led right there right? And the anode(+) soldered exactly in the free hole on each 1->20 marking right?


    1. yes but I wired the LEDs with wire and only had one wire going to the ground strip otherwise it would have been very messy!