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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Yamaha NE-1 Bass Parametric EQ Preamp ( Nathan East ) Stripboard Veroboard Layout

I'm not feeling too well so I won't drone on about this + I'm going to watch Michael Mosley documentaries for a bit.
My friend has been asking me to do a layout for the Nathan East Bass Preamp since his got stolen at a gig some years ago so I finally got around to doing it - I had to reverse engineer from pictures on the internet and it has been somewhat a pain in the ass however it now works and sounds how it should.

I didn't have the required TL062 op-amp to hand so I used the TL082 (DATASHEET) in this application there will be little to no difference to the sound - the sound is altered in the components around the amplifier.

one thing I should mention is that some people mod it by changing C4 from 47p to 220p ( I think so they can use it with their guitars. Anyway - enjoy.

EDIT: I bought another one of these preamps and C4 was 100pf in that one - so it seems that they either changed it at some point or just use something other than the normal 1% tolerance capacitors you'd usually get in this type of thing 

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  1. I dropped a Burr Brown OPA2137P as a replacement on my NE-1. I also Punched an XLR hole on the side and added a LL1935 transformer inside.

    Worked out nicely.

  2. Excellent project! I put it together and hooked it up to my bass. At first, I didn't think it was working since there was little difference between the three switch positions. Then I rolled back the frequency knob and all I can say is WOW! I love the ability to easily switch between a very subtle sound, a bright in-your-face sound and a rolling bassy sound with just a quick flip of the switch. I combined this circuit with your low battery indicator so I could use it in a performance without worrying about whether the battery was dying. Thanks very much for putting this project together.

    1. that's cool dude - you'll have to send me a picture. it is an amazing little box.
      good call on the low batt indicator though with this box it doesn't draw much current the TL062 itself only draws about 500uA so batteries last ages in it

  3. Very cool thank you! I am new to building effects and I think this one looks perfect for me. I have been reading up on parametric eq circuits... Do you think it would be easy to and a boost/cut ability at the selected frequency? Do you know which components control the boost at the frequency?

  4. I'm wondering about adding a balanced -XLR output.

  5. Hi. Thanks for you blog and info. I built my own, using a TL072 and the "guitar mod" (100pF cap) but i think i might've done something wrong. The volume on my built drops considerably, as if it had a "pad" on it. Is it due to the TL072 or should i remove R9 or put a smaller resistor (like 200r or 560r)? Thanks for the info, have a good day.

  6. Hi , I'm building one of these , but looking at other versions on the web , the dual gang pot is wired differently in the others (Canned Yam and another ) , the two pots are common at one end of the track so their resistances go up and down together , whereas yours seems to be wired so one side goes up when the other goes down?
    Have I got something wrong?