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Welcome. I wanted to provide stripboard layouts I've made to help people new to electronics and even the more experienced get into different aspects of electronics.

I verify the layouts before I post them.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Where Have You Been?!

as you may have noticed, I've not posted any new projects on here for ages; well there's a few reasons for this.
1. A label released my bands album last August (see previous post shilling it) and leading upto that I was spending a lot of time recording it and mixing it etc. and after that, promoting it.

2. Google screwed up my domain renewal - I had it set to automatically renew as with previous years, my card details were up to date however they arbitrarily decided to not automatically renew it and not warn me so one day I noticed my stats had dropped to zero and they just won't let me renew my domain now - I've spent hours and hours going through their circular "help" menus. I've tried to contact anyone but obviously there's no one to contact and this completely sapped my enthusiasm for this site for a good few months.

but most importantly;

3. I can't think of anything to make, I like to keep these projects moderately easy for the sake of people new to the hobby or people who just want to do weekend projects. normally I would just do some kind of audio related thing when I can't think of anything but my friends at tagboardfx have usually beaten me to anything guitar related - sometimes I will do something they've done if I think I can make it more compact or I have the original pedal and I can check unknown resistor/cap values (like the Nathan East pedal for example)

Anyway if you can give me some suggestions or ideas of stuff to make/design, I can start doing some new stuff. not limited to audio stuff, test gear, LED stuff etc. welcome.

TL:DR - Google is shit & suggest stuff to make


  1. Hey! Welcome back and congrats on the album!
    Thank you for all of your wisdom and insights.
    I've been learning much from your posts over the course of the past year or so.
    I'm always game for learning more novel applications for 555 timers and basic synths.

  2. hey! congrats for the albums!
    and i love this site. i've made the theremin, the devil's triangle and the led ring oscillator from here, and a lot of learning. i've got a bunch of 555 so i agree with the previous comment. and led stuff =)

  3. What about an (active) matrix mixer design? They are based on very simple circiuts but can create very interesting sounds of surprising richness. And since you can use any buffered guitar effect to create feedback loops with them a matrix mixer could be a nice sequel to your previous designs ;)

  4. EURORACK!!! Look into it. I can only imagine the crazy stuff you would come up with!!

  5. I would love to see some layout for microphone circuits, such as Neumann u87 etc.

  6. More synth stuff is great! I've built a few synth projects, and love the drone snyths!

  7. Great to see this blog back!
    I'm glad I left it in my reading list - veroboard projects - simple/retro and priceless :)