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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Goodbye Tony Sly

Today isn't an electronics post and it will probably be of little relevance to anyone reading this.
One of my musical heroes died today - Tony Sly of the band "No Use For A Name" basically a skatepunk band I've listened to since I was in high school which though it seems like yesterday was in fact many years ago. I have never really felt moved when a band member from a band I liked died however in this case it has really gotten to me because their songs mean a lot to me and I have loved them for so long it feels as though a good friend has been taken from me and I know there is a big fanbase who feel the same way.

I recorded a tribute to him - one of his songs from my favorite album "More Betterness!" called Room #19 which I will put here a long with some of my favorite songs of his.

Rest In Peace Tony Sly

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